All-in-one instrument for testing and servicing of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment

to measure O2, CO (COHIGH optional), NO (optional), flue gas and ambient air temperature, differential pressure, draught

to calculate COundiluted, NOundiluted (optional), stack loss qA, combustion efficiency Eta, lambda, CO/CO2

  • Big backlit 7-line display

  • Additional CO-flush-pump with on/off control by keypress

  • Infrared output to printer

  • RS 232 Interface to PC

  • Bluetooth interface to PDA and PC (option)

  • Memory capacity for 960 tests

  • Wide fuel choice: light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, LPG, pellets and organic oil, coal.
  • Fixed Price Recertification and Service

  • TÜV approved (RgG 232)

  • Optional external sensors for gas leak detection, CO in ambient air, air velocity, surface temperature, humidity in building materials

Excellent flue gas analyser designed to meet future measuring requirements!

Data sheet (pdf-file)