Infrared technology combustion analyser with long-life CO2 and CO sensors for combustion and emission monitoring of heating appliances,a s well as operation and combustion optimization for all types of heating furnaces and boilers

to measure CO2, CO, flue gas/ ambient air temperature, differential pressure, NO (optional)

to calculate O2, COundiluted, stack loss qA, combustion efficiency Eta, lambda, CO/CO2, NOundiluted (optional)

  • 5-year-life CO2 sensor

  • 5-year-life CO sensor up to 10.000 ppm
  • Optional NO sensor up to 600 ppm
  • Pressure range +-160 hPa

  • Direct and fast access to all readings per rotary switch

  • Data memory for 60 emission tests, 20 AUX tests, 20 tightness tests, 20 pressure tests, 20 average efficiency tests

  • Infrared output to printer

  • Bluetooth data transfer (option), free Bluetooth printer App, free Windows LIVE software

  • Fixed Price Recertification and Service

  • EN 50379 part 1 and 3 approved


Data sheet (pdf-file)