Company profile and history

The company was founded in the year 1956 in Offenbach/Main as a commercial enterprise by Bruno Ihrig. The merchandise, at that time, were measuring instruments and components for heating installations, such as testing equipment and accessories for gas and oil burning installations. Later on the company was relocated, first to Frankfurt/Main and in 1964 to Rodgau, where the company's headquaters are at present.

Ten years later, in 1966, the company started manufacturing chemical flue gas testing instruments, so called "wet chemicals", and these were marketed and sold under the brand BRIGON. The products as CO2 indicator, smoke tester, draucght gauge, CO tester have made BRIGON name well-known nationally and internationally.

Due to the clever commercial management and vision of the owner of the company as well as the very high quality level of the products, the company has attained a top rank in the field of flue gas testing over the next years.

The increasing environmental awareness and the requirement for energy saving had a positive influence on the business in the following years. At the same time, new laws, regulations and demands applied higher standards leading to permanent optimisation and innovation.

When the management went over to the 2nd generation in 1981, the well-established company had an international reputation.

In the late 80s the company started development and production of high-quality electronic gas analysers in order to complete the product range. The first complex, multi function flue gas analyser BRIGOTRONIC, lightweight and easy to operate, made a spectacular entrance to the national market.

In 1992 a company branch BRIGON Service Centre East was opened near Leipzig, to offer better customer support and service in the Eastern Germany.

In the 1990's, development and production of test equipment was extended into security measurements segment, introducing gas leak detectors. In 1999, flue gas analyser BRIGOVISION Color is setting new standards: modern innovative and compex technology with additional fuctions for gas leak detection, air velocity measurement, humidity measurements, etc. enable the instrumneet to be truly all-in-one analyser for HVAC engineers.

In the same year, the Quality Management System of BRIGON MESSTECHNIK is certified by DQS (ISO 9001) and ever since, the certification is renewed every year. Since 2003, it is based on the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The Quality Management System is firmly applied to maintain the high quality of products and services.

Since January 2009 BRIGON MESSTECHNIK belongs to the Kane Group and has acquired a wide network of partner companies. BRIGON MESSTECHNIK continues to provide the same high quality products and service on which its reputation was built.

Today, BRIGON MESSTECHNIK is one of the market leaders in the field of gas analysis and is an international recognized partner due to its over 50 years experience and high-quality products and services. We supply a wide range of flue gas analysers, gas leak detectors, instruments for determining temperature, humidity, wet chemical kits and much more.

BRIGON MESSTECHNIK is present in all European countries and supply customers all over the world.

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